About The Sarasota Phoenix

It is the editorial view of THE SARASOTA PHOENIX that sets it apart from other media outlets.  Our editorial approach cannot be labeled as being biased toward Liberalism or Conservatism, nor toward the Democratic or Republican Party. THE SARASOTA PHOENIX is a media source that provides its readers with an honest and well researched analysis of what is going on in their community, regardless of any political philosophy or affiliation.

As one respected former public official, who is also successful in the public sector, recently stated after reading one of our investigative articles, “I can’t tell you how much I respect your willingness to speak the truth!”

THE SARASOTA PHOENIX also covers a broad range of topics including national, international, cultural, environmental and sports news stories written by a professional staff of writers.

The presentation and layout of THE SARASOTA PHOENIX is of the highest quality and assures the delivery of a first rate printed publication.

Former Sarasota City Commissioner, Kelly Kirschner has observed that THE SARASOTA PHOENIX is “the media source that writes what everyone is thinking, but is too scared to say.”