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Signs Are Needed for Dangerous Alligators at Benderson Park

SIGNS WARNING OF DANGEROUS ALLIGATORS AT BENDERSON PARK NEED TO BE PUT BACK UP By JON SUSCE Due to the recent tragedy at a Disney facility in Orlando in which a two year old child was attacked by an alligator, resulting in the death of the child, Benderson Development and SANCA officials need to replace the signs they removed at the Sarasota County facility that they manage (The Nathan Benderson Rowing Park). Signs warned individuals of the potential dangers presented by alligators cohabitating the lake. CALLS NOT RETURNED CONCERNING PUBLIC SAFETY Calls to Benderson Development officials, SANCA officials and various Sarasota County officials inquiring as to why the signs have been taken

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Lakewood Ranch residents find no refuge in BOCC

Carol Whitmore

12/2014 By Jon Rehill Sarasota Phoenix Correspondent Lakewood Ranch residents showed up at Thursday’s Manatee County Commission land use meeting with all of the expectations of finding relief from what they consider egregious development. They came expecting their county representatives to convey to the rest of the commission that seven-story buildings and bumper to bumper traffic is not what they moved here for. What they got was a familiar sentiment: get used to it, because there’s plenty more where that came from. The community’s residents have come here from all over the country, with reason to believe they moved into a leisure community with all of the amenities of a well-structured

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Under the surface at Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs located in North Port. Photos courtesy of Ignoring the reality and the truth 12/2014 By Juliette Jones, PhD FriendsofWarmMineralSprings @ Many people care about the preservation and future of Warm Mineral Springs as a “natural wonder” but wonder what is going on, and are eager to get the springs re-opened so that their neighborhood rentals can once again turn a profit; or would just like to get back into the waters, relax and enjoy life. You can’t really blame anyone for their viewpoints. After all people moved here, or visit here to enjoy nature and the gift of the once healing waters; not to fight political

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