Hamilton inept neighborhood activist, political operative


May 2015

Diana Hamilton Inept Neighborhood Activist, Political Operative And Mouthpiece For Chapman Hater

By Jon Susce

The SRQ magazine publishers continue to allow their columnist and closet Sarasota City Commissioner “hater,” Jacob Ogles to provide so-called neighborhood activist and political operative, Diana Hamilton with a forum to feed the weird obsession she has with Commissioner Susan Chapman. In addition, Hamilton is given space to attack the appointments of two other Sarasota City Commissioners, namely Suzanne Atwell and Willie Shaw.


Barbetta, Caraagiulo, Hamilton, Dorfman, Nilon, Ogles & Barfield
Ogles along with Hamilton and Susan Nilon, who recently came out of the closet as a Chapman “hater,” are the voice of the macho wing of the Republican Party who are out to destroy Chapman both financially and politically and back the election of two Democrats to the Sarasota City Commission. This weird alliance of Republican macho men (Joe Barbetta, Paul Caragiulo and Richard Dorfman) and two women who called themselves Progressive Democrats (Hamilton and Nilon) gets even weirder when you add 68 times convicted felon, Michael Barfield and Ogles into this strange political alliance.

One of the latest abnormal articles by Hamilton in SRQ asked voters to vote against both Stan Zimmerman and Eileen Normile for the Sarasota City Commissioner in the upcoming city election because Chapman supported moving the sewage treatment transfer facility from Pomelo Street to Osprey avenue and US 41.

Weird Assessment From Someone  Short On Reason

How Hamilton came up that weird assessment gives added relevance to local retired attorney, Frank Brenner’s description of Hamilton as, ” long on rhetoric and short on reason.”

Eileen Normile City of Sarasota Commissioner


Stan Zimmerman City of Sarasota Commissioner

Consider that when the sewage treatment facility was being supported by Chapman, Zimmerman was writing articles for the Pelican Press and Normile had only recently moved to Sarasota.  Both Normile and Zimmerman had absolutely nothing to do with promoting or supporting the re-location of the  sewage treatment facility. It is scandalous that SRQ is allowing Hamilton to make this her political pitch to link Zimmerman and Normile to the ongoing saga of the sewage transfer station at Osprey and U.S 41.

Chapman-Haters Obsessed With Destruction – Financially And  Politically

 The real reason Hamilton is asking voters not to vote for Normile and Zimmerman is because they voted to put a stop to Hamilton and her fellow Chapman-haters obsession to destroy Sarasota City Commissioner Susan Chapman not just politically, but financially.

For instance, Hamilton, Barbetta, Caragiulo (who is now Barbetta ‘s mouthpiece on the County Commission), Dorfman and Barfield are furious that Normile and Zimmerman along with Sarasota City Commissioner Willie Shaw, voted to put an end to the vicious plan to ruin Chapman financially.

The four City Commissioners voted to have the City of Sarasota pay the legal fees for defending Chapman against the frivolous Sunshine lawsuit filed against her by Barfield’s legal partner, Andrea Mogensen.

Chapman’s legal bills were over a $100,000 and no doubt would have escalated rapidly, as Barfield and his assistant, Mogensen are keeping the “meter running.” Over 30 individuals are being deposed by Chapman’s adversaries and the legal duo have no intention of slowing the legal process down or “turning off the meter.”

The Chapman-haters are incensed because Sarasota City Commissioners Willie Shaw, Eileen Normile and Stan Zimmerman have voted to end this attempt by various individuals to politically and financially ruin a rare breed of politician in Sarasota and Manatee Counties who doesn’t fit into the pockets of politically connected multi-million dollar developers who have corrupted Sarasota County Government.

Normile, Shaw and Zimmerman have voted to protect a civil servant who has the courage and integrity to stand on principal and to represent those who put her in office, not those select few that desire to turn the City of Sarasota into what they have accomplished with the unincorporated area of Sarasota County—MAJOR URBAN SPRAWL. The trio voted to pay Chapman’s legal fees surrounding a frivolous Sunshine law violation, filed and supported by various Chapman-haters.

Barbetta, Caragiulo, Barfield Discuss “Dirty Tricks” To Take Down Chapman

It’s a fact that the Chapman-haters have always wanted to link the fiasco on Osprey and US 41 to Chapman. As a matter of fact this reporter was encouraged to lead the attack on Chapman in the Sarasota Phoenix. For example, at a meeting of people interested in having an Elected Mayor, attended by Barfield, Caraguilo and Barbetta, it was openly discussed to attack Chapman, especially over the sewage transfer station at Osprey and US 41.

Caragiulo Draws Up Cartoon To Denigrate Chapman

 What was despicable was that Caragiulo passed around a cartoon he had made depicting Chapman sitting on top of a  John Deere tractor moving dirt around the transfer station.

One has to remember that Caragiulo was a Sarasota City Commission at the time he was passing around this cartoon and making fun of his colleague on the City Commission. This action by Caragiulo, attacking Chapman behind the scenes at a meeting taking place in a backroom coffee shop on Hillview Street, exemplifies Caragiulo’s character, a man who is in the pockets of the multi-million dollar developers who put politicians like himself and Barbetta in office.

The Hamilton-Barfield-Caraguilo-Barbetta Attack On Chapman is Vicious And Contemptible

What is one of the most deplorable and inexcusable political actions this reporter have ever witnessed, inclusive of all my years of involvement with Massachusetts politics, is the vicious, premeditated and contemptible political attack upon Chapman to destroy her financially and remove her from office.  This political and financial attack to end Chapman’s political career and bankrupt her is being led by Barfield and aided by what can be quite easily described as a group of “21st Century Good Ol’ Boys” and their mouthpieces like Hamilton, Nilon and Ogles.

 It’s Way Past Time For Hamilton, Barbetta, Barfield, And Caragiulo To End Their Weird Obsession With Chapman

It’s past time for the city and all concerned citizens to rise up against the nonsense being spewed in SRQ and object to the plunder of the City of Sarasota by a career, serial felon with 68 criminal convictions, and the attorney who gives him safe harbor.  That foursome, Barfield in particular, have been tolerated for too long; encouraged and enabled by those who know better, but have an agenda at odds with the city’s welfare.

As Brenner recently wrote in THE SARASOTA PHOENIX, “There’s…a cottage industry thriving in Florida.  It’s the work of a handful of plaintiffs and complicit lawyers and it’s all about attorney’s fees…these cases are simply opportunistic money grabs by ‘activists’ and lawyers smart enough to figure out how to game the Sunshine Law into large fee awards…every settlement is also a surrender…until some local government draws a line in the sand and stands firm, this self-perpetuating Sunshine litigation machine will continue to gorge itself on your government and tax dollars.’

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