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Benderson hires locally prominent litigator, mediator

Randy Benderson

January 2015 By Jon Susce jsusce @ Randy Benderson finally understands he has a legal dilemma after three and one half years of legal maneuvering regarding the lawsuit brought by Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. against developers Benderson and Henry Rodriguez alleging they conspired with Sarasota County to defraud Culverhouse out of millions of dollars. DUBENSKY DENIES BENDERSON’S MOTION TO DISMISS A month ago, while sitting next to his attorney, Ed Vogler,  Benderson was highly embarrassed as Judge Peter Dubensky turned down NINE motions by Vogler to dismiss Culverhouse’s suit against him. Benderson subsequently dumped Vogler. In order to get on an equal legal playing field with the Culverhouse legal team led by Steven Hutton, who is one of the most respected  legal

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Under the surface at Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs

Warm Mineral Springs located in North Port. Photos courtesy of Ignoring the reality and the truth 12/2014 By Juliette Jones, PhD FriendsofWarmMineralSprings @ Many people care about the preservation and future of Warm Mineral Springs as a “natural wonder” but wonder what is going on, and are eager to get the springs re-opened so that their neighborhood rentals can once again turn a profit; or would just like to get back into the waters, relax and enjoy life. You can’t really blame anyone for their viewpoints. After all people moved here, or visit here to enjoy nature and the gift of the once healing waters; not to fight political

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