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How Randy Benderson is Corrupting Sarasota County Government

HOW RANDY BENDERSON IS CORRUPTING SARASOTA COUNTY GOVERNMENT By Jon Susce In previous SARASOTA PHOENIX articles targeting Randy Benderson’s refusal to pay Dredge America for the work they have successfully completed at the Benderson rowing facility, it was detailed how Benderson’s issues with Dredge America have exposed Sarasota County to a fraudulent $19.5 million no bid contract. For example on November 16, 2012, Sarasota County officials authorized Benderson to pay Dredge America $2,230,028 to do the work Benderson promised to do in 2011. Benderson held on to $523,470 of that public funding for over two years until a court in Tampa forced Benderson to pay up the money he owed Dredge

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