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Local Democratic Leaders need to end collusion with Republicans to elect inferior Candidates

  LOCAL DEMOCRATIC LEADERS NEED TO END COLLUSION WITH REPUBLICANS TO ELECT INFERIOR CANDIDATES By JON SUSCE In a deceitful and deceptive sham, attempting to hide her own and other local Democratic leaders continued collusion with local Republican operatives, in order to elect inferior candidates, Sarasota County Democratic Party chairperson Joanne DeVries wrote the following to this reporter: “John, As a voting member and precinct committeeman of the SCDP you should be taking a neutral position in the upcoming city election.  We (as in the SCDP) have made a commitment to stay out of the process as there are multiple Democrats running. We have made it clear that we are neutral.

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Local Democratic Party votes to oppose Benderson Proposed Project At Stickney Pt/US 41

LOCAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTES TO OPPOSE BENDERSON PROPOSED PROJECT AT STICKNEY PT/US 41 By Jon Susce            On the evening of January 11, 2017 at a meeting of the Sarasota Democratic Executive Committee, the SDEC approved a motion to oppose the proposed Benderson Project at Stickney Point and U.S 41 and support the opposition to this project. The motion was overwhelmingly approved by the rank and file membership of the local DEC with a standing room crowd of over 225 individuals in attendance. The Benderson Siesta Promenade project, a hotly contested mixed-use development, was back in the public eye at the Pine Shores Presbyterian Church on December 12, 2016, the first

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Is Benderson UTC up for Sale?

October 25, 2016 IS BENDERSON UTC UP FOR SALE AS PARTNER IS TOLD TO “TIGHTEN BELT OR SELL OUT” By Jon Susce THE WALL STREET JOURNAL has reported a prominent real estate investor, Jonathan Litt is calling on Taubman Centers Inc., which is a partner with Randy Benderson in the University Town Center (UTC),” to tighten its belt or explore selling itself.” TAUBMAN STOCK IS WORST IN BLOOMBERG INDEX The Taubman Company, owner of various high-end properties, has a market capitalization of $4.3 billion—or about $6 billion including the Taubman family’s ownership. Its shares are down 7% this year, and Taubman’s stock has fallen 7.2 percent this year, which is the

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Benderson Attempts to Buy Moran opens up Criminal Tax Issues

BENDERSON ATTEMPTS TO BUY MORAN OPENS UP CRIMINAL TAX ISSUES  By JON SUSCE One of the most clear-cut examples showing Randy Benderson buying a Sarasota County Commissioner and stuffing him into his pocket is the recent campaign finance report of Sarasota County Commission candidate, Mike Moran. It’s clearly documented how this October 7, 2016 Moran campaign finance report exemplifies the way in which Benderson is buying yet another Sarasota County Commissioner. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 Benderson realizes that the general public has had enough of the carpetbagger from Buffalo and what he has brought with him from Buffalo, New York, which is major urban sprawl as exemplified in what he has created at

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Eric Robinson Campaign for School Board was a Fraud Part II

ERIC ROBINSON CAMPAIGN FOR SCHOOL BOARD WAS A FRAUD PART II By Jon Susce ROBINSON AND STEVENSON USE TEENAGER TO LAUNDER DIRTY MONEY Eric Robinson is a fraud, a documented liar and the last place he should be allowed to preside is as a member of the Sarasota School Board.  It’s simply shameful and outrageous that Eric Robinson continues to operate his “Dirty PAC Money” business with impunity out of his CPA office in Venice. The latest glaring examples how Eric “The Prince of Dark Money” Robinson has totally corrupted the political process in Sarasota and beyond, laundering “Dirty PAC Money”, is the way in which Robinson and local political operative,

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LOCAL AND STATE “PAY TO PLAY” SCHEMES BORDER ON CRIMINAL By JON SUSCE Florida Governor Rick Scott and former Alabama Governor Bob Riley along with their millionaire corporate welfare partners, who  financed their political campaigns, are putting Florida and  Alabama schools up for sale through a “Pay to Play” scheme that borders on the criminal. For example, in Florida millions of dollars are contributed to politicians, including Governor Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, and Florida State Representatives and Senators, to put $millions and soon to be billions of dollars into the pockets of those making the contributions—and the Florida Attorney General cannot be bothered. Last July, the Alabama Attorney General convicted the Alabama Speaker of the

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Robinson-Mast-Ziegler School Board is a “Pay to Play” School Board

  A ROBINSON-MAST-ZIEGLER SCHOOL BOARD IS A “PAY TO PLAY” SCHOOL BOARD By Jon Susce Incredulously, one of most devious and conniving political operatives in Sarasota County, namely Eric Robinson, is running unopposed for the Sarasota County School Board.  This being the case, Robinson is positioned to place the Sarasota County School Board as being part of a “Pay to Play” scheme, which will be in the hands of local developers and interests outside of Sarasota. These special interest are financing Robinson’s campaign and the campaign of Teresa Mast against Caroline Zucker for the local School Board. If Mast should get elected over Zucker, who is the present School Board member, she

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Eric “The Prince of Dark Money PAC’s” Robinson behind Holder attack on Steube

ERIC “THE PRINCE OF DARK MONEY PAC’S” ROBINSON  -BEHIND HOLDER ATTACK ON STEUBE By Jon Susce Once again, Eric “The Prince of Dark Money” Robinson’s CPA office in Venice is the site of “Garbage In and Garbage Out.”   Once again, Eric Robinson, who is the most fraudulent and deceitful of  local political operatives, other than Bob Waechter, is tied to another conniving political attack put out, no doubt with the approval of Doug Holder, against Holder’s opponent for the Florida State Senate, Florida State Representative Greg Steube. Also involved in this attack on Steube is Robinson’s wife, Sarasota County Commissioner Christine Robinson, aka Christine “The Crooked Argus Hack Politician” Robinson.

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Patterson and Detert’s Future Political Plans Exemplify A Corrupt Political Process in Sarasota

PATTERSON AND DETERT’S FUTURE POLITICAL PLANS EXEMPLIFY A CORRUPT POLITICAL PROCESS IN SARASOTA  PART I  By Jon Susce If ever there was ever an example of how corrupt the political process has become in Sarasota, it is the future political plans of both Nancy Detert and Nora Patterson, who are running for political office in 2016.  It would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgraceful and scandalous, how two career political hacks like Detert and Patterson are making a mockery of the local political process. If anyone wanted to witness an example of how a group of career political hacks are making a mockery out the local political process, one

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Part III Sarasota Co. Comm. Al Maio

SARASOTA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS EXEMPLIFY AN INEPT AND CORRUPT SARASOTA COUNTY GOVERNMENT  PART III – AL MAIO By Jon Susce Al Maio is the third of the five Sarasota County Commissioners being profiled by THE SARASOTA PHOENIX, all of whom are handpicked by the Godfather of local politics, Pat “The Godfather” Neal and his cronies—Randy Benderson, Carlos Beruff, Rex Jensen, and James Gabbert. Maio and his colleagues on the commission are more than willing to fit quite nicely into the pockets of multi-millionaire gangster/developers like Neal, Beruff, Benderson, Jensen and Gabbert, along with various rainmaker consultants, land use attorneys and others who are corrupting Sarasota County government.  SEE ATTACHMENTS #1 AND #2 SHAUN AND RANDY BENDERSON BRAG ABOUT HAVING COMMISSIONERS “IN THEIR POCKETS.” It is shameful and scandalous that Shaun Benderson, who is Randy Benderson’s “hatchet man”, brags to various Benderson employees that he and his father, Randy Benderson have Sarasota County Commissioners in

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Benderson needs to Follow Vengroff

BENDERSON NEEDS TO FOLLOW VENGROFF CONCERN  FOR AFFORDABLE WORKFORCE HOUSING IN SARASOTA BY JON SUSCE With the property values rising around the upscale Benderson University Town Center (UTC) project, the possibility of getting Randy Benderson to agree to build affordable workforce housing as once promised is highly unlikely; unless public pressure is placed on Benderson to fulfill his previous commitment. Sarasota County Commissioners need to insist that  Benderson follow the example of another multi-millionaire, Harvey Vengroff, who is proposing to build affordable workforce housing in the City of Sarasota for working families without asking one penny in pubic assistance. Sarasota County Commissioners, who have approved numerous Benderson projects that necessitated $millions in public funding for infrastructure costs, in addition to the appropriated $millions of public expenditures for Benderson projects, should require Benderson to follow

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How Randy Benderson is Corrupting Sarasota County Government

HOW RANDY BENDERSON IS CORRUPTING SARASOTA COUNTY GOVERNMENT By Jon Susce In previous SARASOTA PHOENIX articles targeting Randy Benderson’s refusal to pay Dredge America for the work they have successfully completed at the Benderson rowing facility, it was detailed how Benderson’s issues with Dredge America have exposed Sarasota County to a fraudulent $19.5 million no bid contract. For example on November 16, 2012, Sarasota County officials authorized Benderson to pay Dredge America $2,230,028 to do the work Benderson promised to do in 2011. Benderson held on to $523,470 of that public funding for over two years until a court in Tampa forced Benderson to pay up the money he owed Dredge

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Signs Are Needed for Dangerous Alligators at Benderson Park

SIGNS WARNING OF DANGEROUS ALLIGATORS AT BENDERSON PARK NEED TO BE PUT BACK UP By JON SUSCE Due to the recent tragedy at a Disney facility in Orlando in which a two year old child was attacked by an alligator, resulting in the death of the child, Benderson Development and SANCA officials need to replace the signs they removed at the Sarasota County facility that they manage (The Nathan Benderson Rowing Park). Signs warned individuals of the potential dangers presented by alligators cohabitating the lake. CALLS NOT RETURNED CONCERNING PUBLIC SAFETY Calls to Benderson Development officials, SANCA officials and various Sarasota County officials inquiring as to why the signs have been taken

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UTC Mall $320 Million White Elephant exposing Political Corruption

        Will Randy Benderson’s UTC Mall Turn Into A $320 Million Dollar White Elephant Exposing A Corrupt Political System? By Jon Susce It’s taken Rani Molla and Shelb Bano of Bloomberg News to report what the Sarasota Herald Tribune (SHT) and other so-called “major” media outlets in the area have been covering up: Randy Benderson’s $320 million dollar UTC Mall, not to mention all of the retail stores that Benderson has installed at the University Parkway/I-75 Corridor, could become a financial disaster for Benderson. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 SIGNS POINT TO THINGS GETTING WORSE FOR BELEAGUERED MALL OWNERS For example, Molla and Bano write the following: “Macy’s, Nordstrom, J.C. Penney

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Robinson attempts to cover up Benderson Scam on the Lake

BLACKKETTER FIRING BY RANDY BENDERSON CANNOT COVER UP SCANDALOUS ILLEGAL BENDERSON SCAM PART II ROBINSON ATTEMPTS TO COVER UP BENDERSON SCAM ON THE LAKE By Jon Susce Bill Robinson, Chairman of the Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Association Board (SANCA), whose recent attempts to cover-up the Randy Benderson multi-million dollar scam at Benderson’s Park, exemplifies how a few politically connected  individuals  are making huge profits by means of corrupt connections through promotion of projects like Benderson’s, “Scam on the Lake”. Robinson is just another charlatan who attempts to put on the face of an environmentally friendly advocate, preserving the quality of life that is under attack by those turning Florida into massive

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Benderson Cover Up

    BLACKKETTER FIRING BY BENDERSON CANNOT COVER UP SCANDALOUS ILLEGAL BENDERSON SCAM PART I  JON SUSCE It’s way past time that the multimillion dollar so called Public-Private Partnership between Randy Benderson and Sarasota County be exposed for the fraudulent scam that it is. With the recent firing of Benderson flunky, Paul Blackketter and another Benderson Project Manger involved in the Benderson Project, Mike DePriest sent packing back to Buffalo, and two former competent administrators of the Benderson Project, John Krotec and Nicole Rissler leaving the Benderson scam on the lake, the cover-up of a totally mismanaged multimillion dollar project cannot continue. BLACKKETTER’S FIRING CANNOT BE DENIED If anyone believes that

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Local Attorneys raise the Bar on Stupid Decisions

John Patterson and Morgan Bentley Raise the Bar on Stupid Decisions Morgan Bentley, who is a politically connected attorney, made a recent mistake that shows that if it were not for his political connections, he’d be chasing ambulances. For example, Bentley filed a motion in a local court on March 11th to have Hugh Culverhouse Jr. be made to pay Bentley’s legal fees for defending Henry Rodriguez in the lawsuit filed by Culverhouse.  A lawsuit that awarded Culverhouse over $20 million when a jury agreed that Rodriguez and Randy Benderson had defrauded Culverhouse.  SEE ATTACHMENT NO. 1 What was equally dim witted, if not more so, was when Bentley and a

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Patterson attempts to Defend Nora Patterson, Rodriguez, Benderson Conspiracy

JOHN PATTERSON ATTEMPTS TO DEFEND NORA PATTERSON, RODRIGUEZ, BENDERSON CONSPIRACY Morgan Bentley has called attorney, John Patterson to testify as an “expert witness” in a legal manner concerning  a civil trial in which Nora Patterson (who just happens to be the wife of John Patterson) played a significant role. Bentley was the attorney for Henry Rodriguez in a recent trial wherein a six member, local jury found Rodriguez and Randy Benderson had conspired with former Sarasota County Commissioner Nora Patterson and other Sarasota County officials to defraud Hugh Culverhouse Jr.” As Jeremy Wallace of the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported, “A pair of Southwest Florida’s most prominent developers (Randy Benderson and

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Corrupt Sarasota Co. Government heads to Lakeland Courtroom

CULVERHOUSE LAWSUIT EXPOSING CORRUPT SARASOTA COUNTY GOVERNMENT HEADS TO LAKELAND COURTROOM PART I BY JON SUSCE On March 15, 2015 a six member jury, who for two weeks took meticulous notes and engaged in two days of deliberation, came in with a verdict that Randy Benderson and Henry Rodriguez conspired with former Sarasota County Administrator Jim Ley and various Sarasota County Commissioners, led by former Sarasota County Commissioner Nora Patterson to defraud Hugh Culverhouse, Jr. concerning a land deal in Osprey called the EEZ Project. As the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported, “A pair of Southwest Florida’s most prominent developers (Randy Benderson and Henry Rodriguez) used backroom political deals with elected

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Part II Law Enforcement Sleeps/Co. Corruption is Institutionalized

AS LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT SLEEPS SARASOTA COUNTY CORRUPTION WAS AND IS INSTITUTIONALIZED PART II [To View Part I Click Here] By Jon Susce DOCUMENTED ILLEGALITIES IGNORED AS STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS RUN OUT What is a prime example of an organized criminal enterprise that resembles a Mafia type operation—directed by a Godfather type figure, Pat Neal and his cronies—and how LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT SLEEPS WHILE SARASOTA COUNTY CORRUPTION WAS AND IS INSTITUTIONALIZED;  is illustrated by the financial wheeling and dealings of local attorney John Patterson and his wife, former County Commissioner Nora Patterson. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS RUNS OUT ON PATTERSON’S For example, as Sarasota County officials and local law enforcement, including the local F.B.I., have in the past sat back doing

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